LifeRisk Group News



19 Nov 2010

LifeRisk Group launched an expanded and enhanced LifeRisk Online subscription service. New Features include:

  • Enhanced Buyback options for TPD and Trauma
  • IP Professional
  • New monthly and quarterly BPay subscription options
  • Links to Life Company Quote websites. If LifeRisk Online is provided with your Life Company access details, quotes are saved in your Adviser account.

8 Nov 2010

LifeRisk Group and Plan For Life announced that LifeRisk Services had acquired the rights to LifeRisk Online.

LifeRisk Services also announced that it is relaunching an enhanced and expanded LifeRisk Online service into the Financial Protection market.

15 Feb 2008

St.George Life released their life insurance quotation system - Life Calculator.

The Life Calculator is based on the Risk Insurance Quotation platform developed by LifeRisk Services which was customised to meet the needs of St.George Life, its Advisers and Lenders.

Dec 2006

Plan For Life and LifeRisk Services agreed to jointly develop LifeRisk Online - an internet based premium comparison system using actual life company quotes.


Life Risk Partners Pty Ltd was founded to develop a range of software and research based services to meet the evolving needs of clients through their Advisers and Licensees in the Wealth Protection market.